Best Halloween Ideas for 2013!

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  by Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready?   If you want the best costume, it’s best to plan now and purchase early so you won’t be left without. And don’t forget about the accessories, decorations, party supplies, photo props and yard props. They go just as fast. If you are buying costumes for your family or group, planning early also allows you to buy matching costumes or at choose a theme like 60′s Costumes, or costume related to Pirates, Monsters, Super Hero’s or Movie Characters. The fun part is deciding what theme you want and then looking for creative costumes and accessories to match the theme. So a word to wise, get busy buying what you need before it is too late, especially if you want things to match. What’s popular this year?  Zombies are definitely a big hit. There are gobs of zombies such …

How To Plan A Great Costume Theme Party!

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If you want to have the time of your life, plan a costume party!  It will be one of the best parties you will ever have.  No matter if you are a kid or an adult, all will enjoy the fun of pretending to be a super hero or a famous person or a monster in a great costume. Kids and adults equally like to wear costumes and head to a party. Although just the act of putting on a costume and heading to a party can be fun if you are the organizer, we recommend you plan ahead so that the party comes off without a hitch. Finally, a costume party needs some creative planning  apart from choosing the costumes alone so we are offering the following tips for planning the best party ever! Before you even start planning a costume party, you need to decide what kind of …

Love of Vampires!

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We have always been fascinated by mystic and scary creatures, the children of the night. The vampire image has been feared for ages, mainly because of the fact that it is immortal and feeds on human blood. The very original story of Count Dracula springs from Vlad Tepes, the Prince of Wallachia, who reigned in Transylvania. He came from the house of Draculesti, from where he derived the name Dracula. The history tells us that he was a fearsome enemy of the Turks and lead endless wars against them, killing thousands in the name of the Christian faith. His cruelty and bloodiness had no limits – he slaughtered men, women and children.
But folklore is a tradition that can turn any historical figure into a saint or a villain. If you begin to think how many movies were dedicated to vampires like Dracula, Blade, Underworld, True Blood, Interview with Vampire…

Halloween Traditions Around the World

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Halloween around the world

Halloween is a beloved holiday that is celebrated around the world. The ways that people celebrate the day varies from country to country, and the holiday is second in popularity only to Christmas. In America and Canada, a whopping 65% of the population decorates their homes or offices and pass out candy to commemorate the day. Lets take a look at some of the ways different countries celebrate Halloween. In Austria Halloween is considered a night when dead spirits can return to the Earth. To welcome the spirits, people leave out bread, water and a light on a table before going to bed. In Spain, it is tradition to eat a type of pastry called “Bones of the Dead” on Halloween. The pastry is shaped like skulls with an orange glaze. Children are also encouraged to play tricks on people in order to receive treats. At night, families watch over …

Halloween Budgeting

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Halloween budgeting

Halloween is fun and enjoyable for people of all ages. You get candy, drinks, and the entertainment of watching what others have done. It can cost quite a bit, though. Costumes are oftentimes high in price, making it difficult to be what you want to be, drinks cost a lot and you will have to buy several for a party, which can make it difficult to throw one to begin with, and the candy for the trick or treaters has to be bought in large quantities. You may not have the money to do all of this in that one month, especially just for one day. Some families choose to just not do Halloween, which can be boring, while others decide to do everything on their own, which can be difficult and, sometimes, embarrassing. With the right budgeting plans, though, it is not so difficult to have an amazing Halloween …