Greeting Trick-or-Treaters the Fun Way

Trick or Treat

Children going on Trick-or-Treating

Every year on the evening on October 31, your doorbell starts ringing as soon as the sun begins to set and you open the door to little ghosts, witches, pirates, and all sorts of creatures shouting trick-or-treat at you. You then dutifully drop candy into their bags and watch them run off to the next house to repeat the process. It is a tradition and a fun one, but what if you could greet these trick-or-treaters in a different way? What if you could make it just a little more exciting than simply telling them how scary they look as you hand out the candy? Fortunately there are a number of fun and exciting ways to shake things up when greeting trick-or-treaters so let’s take a look.


The first thing you absolutely must do is dress up. Yes, dress up! So many people hand out candy in a ho hum way in their regular everyday clothes. It is much more fun and exciting for both the trick-or-treaters and for you if you dress up in a great costume. Even wearing a mask and funny clothes is better that your regular clothes. You should, of course, also decorate your house and yard. This is the best way to celebrate Halloween. The best place for you to be is outside when trick-or-treaters come a-calling. This way you don’t have to deal with holding the door open and you can spend time chatting. And don’t forget the scary music and creepy Halloween sounds. That is sure to add ambiance to your setting.

Now there are several things you can do to greet trick-or-treaters in a different way. You can wear two masks, a funny one over a scary one. The kids will laugh at the funny mask and then you can watch their expressions change when you take it off and they can see the scary one. An alternative to this is to wear the funny one over your face and the scary one on the back of your head. Make it so you have to turn around to reach the candy bowl and they will get a surprise. You can always tell a spooky Halloween story to the kids, especially the older ones. Just remember to keep it short and sweet as they have plenty of other houses to which they need to go.

There are a number of other ideas that you can use to greet trick-or-treaters. You could dress up as a scarecrow and sit stock still on a rocking chair on the front porch. Kids will think you aren’t real and then you can reach out to them as they walk by. It’ll give them the fright of their lives. You could also have some friends dress up and help you out. They can jump out of bushes and from around corners and scare the kids and they walk up to your door. That is bound to be a hit. Just be sure to give out some really good candy at the end of the spook trail so that you make the scaring worthwhile. You could also dress a pumpkin up as royalty, putting a crown on it and setting it up on a throne. Then you insist that all trick-or-treaters bow before the pumpkin before they are allowed to have their treats.

You need to invite the kids back the following year and they will always remember you. You can also change things up and make things better and more interesting year after year, which will always keep them guessing as to what you will have in store for them when Halloween comes around. Just use your imagination. Ultimately, Halloween is about having fun and getting or giving a good scare and what better way to do that than by handing out candy in a fun way. You will be doing more than filling these kids’ bags with treats; you will be filling their minds with fond memories of Halloween that will last their entire lives.

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