Making Your Own Halloween Decorations

Posted in Decorations on July 14th, 2011
Ghost in a tree

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year, a holiday that people look forward to every fall. In fact, this time of year is so popular that people go all out to decorate and make their home look frightful. Many people make more of an effort to decorate for Halloween than they do for Christmas. There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween and there are many ways to get those decorations. Store-bought decorations are certainly nice and can be very effective when it comes to creating a spooky atmosphere. However, these are often pricey. Homemade decorations are a great alternative. They can also be very effective and are generally less expensive and fun to make. Of course, nearly everyone who celebrates Halloween makes at least one of their own decorations each year and that is the Jack-o-lantern. We love to carve our pumpkins into various designs and …

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Today’s Halloween Traditions

Posted in General on June 9th, 2011
halloween costumes

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations of the year. This traditional day is not a paid holiday, but despite this it is important in our culture. More candy is sold for this day than for any other holiday throughout the calendar year, including Easter, and it ranks third for the most parties thrown, coming in behind Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There are so many things that come to mind, images that are conjured, when someone thinks of the word Halloween and while there are religious groups that denounce it, it is a celebration that is here to stay. What makes this celebration so popular and fun? Let’s take a look at the Halloween traditions of today. Halloween costumes What can be more fun than dressing up in your favorite costume on Halloween? Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Halloween is the idea …

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