Favorite Halloween Songs

Posted in General, Halloween party on July 14th, 2011
Michael Jackson Thriller

Halloween is one of the most anticipated times each year, a time when people dress up in costumes, kids go trick-or-treating, and parties become the highlight of the weekend entertainment. There are Jack-o-lanterns galore, decorations both outside and inside houses, and Halloween games and treats to enjoy. But there is another aspect to Halloween that many people may not realize is very important to the celebrations and that is the music we love to hear during this haunting time of year. Some of these songs are suitable for all ages and some are better saved for the adult Halloween party.   There are a number of songs that are simply fun, fun, fun. One of the most popular is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This song and the video that goes with it are simply perfect for Halloween, especially with the chilling voice of Vincent Price on the soundtrack. Then there are …

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