Halloween’s Haunted Attractions – Behind the Scenes

Posted in General on June 20th, 2011
Haunted house

Halloween is about everything scary. Actually, it is about more than simply scary. It is about terror and horror and fright. At least that’s the point of a haunted Halloween attraction. Halloween sees a large number of attractions that are designed to be scary and to elicit screams from those who dare to take part in them. Halloween attractions come in a wide variety of forms, including the ever-popular haunted house, haunted hay rides, and corn mazes, forests, and pumpkin patches, which can also be haunted. These fantastic Halloween attractions have become so popular in the past 20 years that it has become a multi-million dollar industry. It appears people just love being scared out of their wits. There was a time when the haunted house was held as nothing more than a fund raiser. This was a simple day or weekend event that had people donating and then enjoying …

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