Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees – The Battle of Horror

Posted in Halloween Characters, Movies on August 27th, 2011
michael myers

Two of the most famous horror movies of all time are Halloween and Friday the 13th and the two scary villains from those movies are incredibly frightening. What makes them so scary? Is it because the way they look and what they do is so disturbing that we are intrigued enough to watch – peaking out between out fingers at times? Is it because these psychos represent the worst of what a human being is capable of and that frightens us to the bone? Regardless, these two monsters of horror have killed hundreds of victims and between them have an amazing 25 movies in which they stalk their prey. The question is, who is the best at being a horror king? Which one is the most disturbing and frightening? Let’s first take a look at the background stories of these two intimidating monsters. When it comes to a background, Michael …

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