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It's that time of the year again to dress up and have a good time. And what better way to do it than to invite a couple of friends and have yourselves a mobster party? Below you'll find a number of tips to use which will help you organize the ultimate mobster party. But first, a little background information essential to your planning.


Most of us think of the Mafia when we hear the term "mobster", however it refers to a greater variety of individuals involved in organized crime. In fact, it refers to all types of organized crime, which includes bikers, outlawed cowboys and even terrorist organizations. This is evident in the etymology of the word "mobster", which comes from the Latin "mob" meaning large crowd as well as from the Aramaic "mobi", meaning large gathering. We will however be focusing on the 'Mafia' variety of organized crime as that is the most common association with the term 'mobster'.


Originally known as the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia is a Sicilian criminal society originating from the 19th century in Sicily, Italy. The Cosa Nostra consists of about a hundred Mafia groups which are called "coshe", but to whom we know as "families".


During the 1950's the Mafia were often regarded as heroes, protecting the weak and the poor due to the lack of care from state. This, however, is in sharp contrast to their portrayal in films, where they are often depicted as illicit dealers of drugs and having interests in other activities as well as waging inter-familial war.

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Mobster Party Invitations

The first step to organizing any party is of course to make a list of the people who one would like to come and, when done, send them invitations. More often than not, however, the problem is coming up with a suitable idea for invitations. As such, we've put together a couple of ideas for you to use. Should you need any of the items or materials describe, simply buy them from the local appropriate retailer or from the internet. Whatever you do, be sure to include the following details:

  • Party Name: Think of an original and exciting name for your party in line with the theme. An example in this case would be “Steve's Mobster Blowout”.

  • Salutation

  • Date & Time

  • Venue/Location

  • Dress Code

  • Contact Details

  • Additional information…

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Mafia Design

And easy and cost-effective invitation to make, the Mafia Design is a must, especially if you have some graphic design skills. For this invitation you'll need a computer loaded with the appropriate software as well as a printer. Should you not have the latter, simply take the finished design down to your local printing firm.


To start off, you'll have to think of a couple of things one would normally associate with the mafia. These could be bullet holes, men in pinstripe suits wielding machine guns, spaghetti etc. Once you have a suitable ideas, create your design on the computer using an appropriate design template. Remember to include all the details as listed above to ensure that your guests have all the information they'll need.


When the design is complete, simply get it printed on suitable paper (we'd recommend gloss or matted) and get ready to deliver them.

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Mobster Cigar

It's a sign that you mean business and that you're the top dog in the neighborhood – a cigar protruding from your lips.


For this party invitation you'll need to get your hands on a couple of cigars – one for each guest. In addition, you'll have to find someone who'd be able to print custom cigars bands. Should you have difficulty in finding someone in your area, just have a look on the internet as there are many.


To complete the invitations you'll have to arrange with the entity responsible to print the details of your invitations on the cigar bands. Remember that you'll have to have one printed for each individual guest, so be careful to print too many of the same.


Once done and as soon as you have received your cigar bands, simply slip them over the cigars and get ready to deliver them to your fellow mobsters.

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Mafia Gift Basket

If there's one thing the Italians know, it's food. Think in terms of Italian sausages, breads, wines, olives and more.


The idea for this invitation is to get a small wicker basket for each of your friends or at least for each couple you plan to invite. Next you'll have to go Italian food shopping with which you will be filling the baskets. And, in addition to the wicker baskets and the food, remember to make a couple of elegant mafioso invitation cards.


Once you have all the items, fill the baskets with the food and insert the invitation – as simple as that. Although this invitation requires a slightly higher budget, it will make for an excellent gift and can be very persuasive.

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Mobster Party Dress Code

If you have never watched a mafia movie, now's the time. If you have, then you'll know that the men usually worn Homburg hats, pinstripe suits, shiny shoes, etc. As for the women, well, they were usually the classiest in town, wearing just about anything that would accentuate the right curves.


For the purposes of your invitation, all you'll need to do is inform your guests that the dress code will be 'Mafia' or 'Mobster'. Should any of them find themselves at a lack of inspiration, all they'll need to do is log onto their favorite search engine and enter 'mafia clothes' as the search term.

Mobster Party Decorations

As for mobster decorations, you need only use your imagination and perhaps a couple  of tips from classic mobster films. Below you will find a couple of ideas – all of which you will be able to purchase from the appropriate store in your area or from the Internet.

  • Godfather & Mobsters Posters
  • Tablecloths – Italian restaurant (red & white checkered)
  • Red Roses – A single rose laid across the dinner plate
  • Dress Code – Having your guests dress appropriately will add to the decorations and atmosphere.
  • Italian lamps/lanterns
  • Italian Operas 



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Mobster Party Guest Arrival & Announcement

The mobster fraternities were often shrouded behind veils of secrecy and anonymity and often chose to remain as such, even amongst each other. It would however be fitting for the host of the party to dress in a well known manner – like the Godfather – and welcome the guests at the door (in the according voice and accent).

Mobster Party Favors

Generally there weren't too many different places where members of the mob held their parties. While, in some cases, mansions were chosen as the venue, many of them chose to settle for Joe's Italian restaurant down the street.


As such, the typical decorations for such a place included the following:


  • Red & White checkered table cloths.

  • Gas lamps at every table to keep the atmosphere cozy but private.

  • Italian souvenirs mounted against the wall.

In addition, for the purposes of your themed party, you might want to think about getting your hands on a couple of fake shotguns and fake machine guns (from your nearest toy store) and mount them on the walls.

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Mobster Party Activities

Secret Shooter

For this game you and your gangster buddies will have to find the secret shooter among you. Those who fail to find him or her in time will, unfortunately, have to die... until the next round.


The game is played by having an equal amount of scraps of paper as there are guests. Only one of the scraps must be marked with an 'X' and, along with all the other bits of paper, be placed in a bag.


Next, you and your friends will have to sit in a circle and pass the bag around, each guest taking one scrap of paper from it (and keeping it a secret from the others). The person with the 'X' marked scrap of paper is the secret shooter.


Now, take care to look into each other's eyes as the secret shooter will be sniping away with his or her eyes by winking at the targets. If someone is winked at, that person has to roll over and die until the next round starts. However, if someone suspects a person of being the secret shooter, he or she has to shout “Hey, youse!” and point out the person they suspect to be the secret shooter. If they are right, the game ends and the next round starts. Should they be wrong, however, they have to drop out of the game.

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Mobster Poker

Sitting at the back of a small Italian restaurant playing poker (with shotguns aimed at each other beneath the table) – what could be more mobster-like?


As the only thing special about this game, aside from it being poker, are the people playing it, all you'll need to do is to freshen up on your poker rules. This can be done by purchasing appropriate material from your local book store or by learning on the internet. Be sure to get your hands on a couple of poker chips before the party.

Mobster's Dance

This is not just any dance, it's a dance with a 1920's setting, complete with orchestra and glamor. If you have the funds and the venue, why not hire a band capable of playing music from the 1920's era? For those with a limited budget, simply invest in a couple of CDs and the appropriate decorations for the event. Be sure to mention this event on the invitation so that your guests will be able to dress accordingly.

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Mobster Movie Marathon

Don't feel like dancing, poker or finding the secret shooter? Then simply rent a couple of all-time classic mobster movies like the Godfather or one of the more recent series on the subject like the Sopranos to fill the evening.


For those with a little bit of extra time on their hands afterwards, it could make the evening by taking turns to act out scenes from the films you just watched or from others that may come to mind.

Food & Drink

In terms of drinks, well, it depends on the setting of your party. In most cases beer, wine and strong liquor should do fine. But if there's a touch of elegant class to your event, then you and your guests will be best served with some cocktails.


As for food, there's one word that sums it up: pasta! Spaghetti with meatballs, ravioli, macaroni, etc. But seeing as this is only a mobster-themed party, you can serve anything you wish. To make things a bit more interesting, give your dishes some interesting names like “Jimmy Two Toes' Famous Alfredo” or “Don Giuseppe's Special Margareta Pizza”

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