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Think you would make a good Native American chief? Or perhaps you see yourself more as someone leading a war party? Whatever the position you fancy, our Native American party is the exact thing you are looking for. Below you will find all the information and tips on how to create the ultimate Native American party, so be sure to make some notes. Before we start, however, just a little bit more about our topic.


About 12,000 years ago the first Native Americans set foot on what we know today as America. But back then the world looked a bit different as these people traveled on foot over a land bridge from Eurasia. Once they arrived, they settled in various places throughout America and formed tribes that sometimes made war with each other and at other times lived in peace and harmony.


Of course, many of us know Native Americans through the films in which they often raided the settlers' farms or made war with armies. This was often the case when they felt that their land was being taken over but didn't happen too often. Their biggest problem was the diseases that the settlers brought with them from Europe. These included chicken pox, small pox and measles and were often fatal to the Native Americans because they didn't have a natural immunity against any of these diseases. Some scholars believe that this was the major cause for a severe decline in the Native American population in those days.


Nevertheless, Indians are proud, strong and often very wise and therefore make good heroes! And that being said, it's time for us to get going on the party organization!

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Native American Party Invitations

What's a party without people to enjoy it with? Below you will find some ideas for invitations for your Native American-themed party. Just note that if you require any of the items you'll have to ask your parents to help you get it from the nearest appropriate retailer or from the internet.

  • Party Name: Give your party a name that reflects the theme of the party. Ideas here include “Big Chief Windwalker's Birthday Party”.

  • Salutation

  • Date & Time

  • Venue/Location

  • Dress Code

  • Contact Details

  • Additional information…

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Native American Totem Pole

For this invitation you will need to buy a totem pole for each of your friends. This can be done in the appropriate store in your area or from the internet. Once you have your totem poles, you'll have to make a paper-based invitation to go along with it. Be creative and think of different shapes and sizes.


One idea would be to make a tepee card which folds open, with the invitation details written on the inside. This can be done using a white background onto which the details of your party has been written and then covering it with either brown paper triangles or leather triangles. Use beads to further decorate your invitation card.

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Native American Toy Arrow

As with the Totem Pole invitation, the Native American arrow will require you to buy them from the appropriate outlet. If you can't find one in your area, just have a look on the internet.


Once you have the arrows, attach a paper based invitation completed with all the details and get ready to deliver them to your friends. If you're stuck for appropriate ideas for the paper-based invitation, just have a look at the Native American Totem Pole invitation above.

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Native American Leather Invitation

As Native Americans didn't use paper (before the early settlers arrived) they often used the skin of the animals they hunted for a number of purposes. As such it would be apt if you could get a couple of leather patches or sheets - one for each of your friends.


When you have the leather patches, decorate it with the appropriate Native American art as well as the appropriate invitation information. Once done, tie together with a bit of twine and get ready to deliver them.


Now, for those who want to go a little further, why not make or buy some dream catchers to which you can attach the invitations? This can easily be done with some thread, a round frame, feathers, beads etc. This will not only make for a winning invitation, but ensure that your friends have a good luck charm with them while they are sleeping at night.

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Native American Party Dress Code

For this party you will simply need to state “Native American” on your invitations. If you or your friends are having trouble finding the appropriate clothing, just pop down to the appropriate local retailer or have a look on the internet.

Native American Party Decorations

Here are a couple of decorations to consider for your Native American Party. If you aren’t planning on making them yourself, then just ask your parents to help you purchase them from the appropriate retailer in your are or from the internet.

  • Totem poles

  • Tepees

  • Native American Tablecloth

  • Native American headdresses

  • Bows

  • Arrows

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Native American Party Guest Arrival & Announcement

Wait by the door and announce your guests as they arrive. Remember, the Native Americans had a totally different language and sometimes didn't have good English skills in the day of the settlers. For this party you can use something like “Everyone, welcome chief Eagle Eye” and greet your guests with “Hao!”

Native American Party Favors

To ensure that your friends remember your party for days, weeks, months and years to come, get them some cool party favors. Below you’ll find a couple of ideas which you and your parents can buy from a store in your area or from the internet.

  • Bows

  • Arrows

  • T-shirts

  • Dream Catchers

  • Necklaces

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Native American Party Activities

There’s nothing like a good party activity to ensure that a great time is had by all. Below are a couple of ideas which you can use and change as you want to suit the purposes of your party. And remember, whatever you decide to do it is always important to put safety first.

Native American Target Practice

Quite a fun game but one that requires some speed and accuracy, this activity can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. And all you'll need to play it, is a small, soft object with which you can throw other people.


One person is selected as the Native American for the duration of the round and the others are the moving targets. The game begins with the Native American having the ball and trying to hit the moving targets with it. If someone is hit with the ball anywhere on their body except on their fists fists, they are out for the current round team. Everyone else is allowed to hit or pick up the ball with their fists, but no other part of their body.


The winner of the game is the last moving target to avoid being hit by the ball.

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Musical Chairs

Native Americans loved to dance around a fire to the beat of the drum and, as you may well know, they sought to do so at any given opportunity. Now although you might not have a fire to dance around, you can have some chairs – musical chairs!

The game starts with all the participants dancing in a circle around the chairs while the music is playing. Remember, this is a Native American party so you had better dance like Native Americans.

The trick of the game is that there should at all times be one less chair than there are dancers. When the music stops, the person left standing is out for the round. When the music starts, one chair should be removed from the rest. The winner is the last person sitting.

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Native American Rescue

For this activity you will need a large area where running is allowed which should then be divided into two equal-sized parts with a prison section at the back of each. Then it is time to divide into two teams, with one member of each team being the captured Native American.

The goal is to rescue your captive from the other team's prison without being caught. This is done by carefully and quickly running through the other team's area until prison is reached. Once the prison is reached, the rescuer is safe. He or she must then carefully plan the escape (with the prisoner) back to their team's territory to avoid being captured. If anyone is captured at any stage, then they are captive and has to join the other prisoner's in the enemy's camp. One rescuer may rescue more than one captive.

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Food & Drink

As the Native Americans lived in the wild, their diets consisted of fresh foods from the land. Think you can go out and forage for food? Well don't worry, you won't need to with this party. Here are a couple of ideas for food that you and your friends can enjoy:


  • Buffalo Wings

  • Drumsticks (chicken)

  • Kebabs

  • Burgers

  • Sausages

  • Sandwiches

  • Pancakes

  • Corn on the cob

  • squash

  • beans


  • Sodas

  • Soft Drinks

  • Milkshakes

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