How to plan a 1st birthday parrty!!!

When your baby turns one it is truly a special day. After all, it celebrates one year since you brought that wonderful life into the world. Since this is such an important milestone and since we live in a society in which birthday parties are the way in which we celebrate birthdays, holding a special birthday party for your little one is most likely your plan for the day. It is important to remember that this party, while it should include foods, decorations, and activities that cater to your child, is really for the adults. After all, your child will not actually remember the party no matter how much fun it is. When you child is older he or she will live vicariously through the pictures and videos you take on that momentous day.
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The first thing to consider when it comes to your baby's first birthday party is the scheduling of the party. You baby very likely naps and it is important that you plan the party for a time of day that is not nap time. This is very likely late morning or early afternoon, which makes a lunchtime party ideal. After all, you don't want a cranky baby or a sleeping guest of honor at the party and later in the afternoon things can become rather unpredictable.


Since your child is so young, you need to keep the guest list small and you need to keep the party simple. Most likely you will invite mainly family members and possibly one or two friends. You can hand out party invitations or you can use a social networking site to create an event to which you can invite your guests. You may opt for the paper invitations simply because these can be kept as a keepsake, which is something grandparents just love and is something that you can put in the baby book. When it comes to decorations, you can choose a theme for your party. This theme can be based on a lovable character, such as Winnie the Pooh, or it can be based on colors. Some streamers, balloons, and a birthday banner are sure to be enough.


Food is another thing to consider for a one-year-old birthday party. You will want to be sure there are plenty of finger foods for your child and any other children who are attending. You can also have other food for older kids and grownups or you can have a barbecue. Of course, a one-year-old needs a birthday cake and it is tradition to have that baby dig in and make a huge mess. Chocolate cakes are the most fun for this scene, but you will choose a type of cake with which you are comfortable. One good idea is to make or purchase a small cake that is just for your child and then a proper birthday cake that is to be served to the guests. This way baby can make a mess and the guests still get cake, something everyone loves.


There doesn't really need to be a lot of games and activities at a one-year-old birthday party, unless you have a number of older kids attending. You can make sure to have your child's favorite television show or movie on hand to play while the guests mingle and chat. For the older guests, you can put out a photo of your baby in a frame and include some markers and the guests can write messages to your little one. You can also play the “how many cheerios are in the jar” game. Baby bottle bowling is another fun one. If you really want to take the party out, you can have it at a park, if the weather permits, or at a little kids gym facility.

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Ultimately the one-year-old birthday celebration is about the child, but it is celebrated by the adults. And remember that one year olds can be sensitive and can be easily scared by strangers and strange activities and a lot of attention. Just having people watching and laughing when the birthday cake comes out can be enough to scare a small child. So follow your baby's cues and go with the flow and you will have the most memorable first birthday party imaginable.

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