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Get your swimsuits and towels because... it's time for a beach party. Below you will find all the necessary information to help you organize the successful event. But just before we get to that, let's take a look at some little known facts about the ocean (most of which we are pretty sure you didn't know).


If you consider how many life forms we find on land, the number gets pretty intense. But did you know that that only consists of 20% of the entire figure? An estimated 80% of all life on earth can be found below the surface of the ocean. And as you can guess... where the most life is there you'll also find the most living space. In fact, 99% of the planet's entire living space is found below the surface of the ocean. But don't think you can just move in, the ocean is incredibly fragile and has many, many delicate eco systems.


Now, how deep do you think the lowest point in the ocean is? To give you an example simply consider taking a mountain like Mt. Everest and putting it at the very bottom and then adding more than a mile in height to it before you see it's tip above the water. And speaking of water, did you know that Antarctica has as much ice as the entire Atlantic?


And having said that, it's now time to get out those sun shades and get organizing!

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Beach Party Invitations

Creating your own beach party invitations is as easy as lying in the sun. Below are a couple of ideas to get you going. Whichever of these you choose to do, be sure to include the following information:


  • Party Name: Think of something in line with the theme. An example is “Kelly’s Summer Fun Beach Party”

  • Salutation: An Example here would be “Dear Mike & Sandy”.

  • Date & Time

  • Venue/Location

  • Dress Code

  • Contact Details

  • Additional information…


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Beach Design

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on invitations, then this one is definitely for you! The Beach Design is easy to make and will simply require the use of a computer (loaded with the appropriate software) as well as a printer., If you don't have either of the two, simply ask one of your friends or acquaintances who do if you will be able to use theirs.


Now, in addition to all the above, we would recommend using a template to help with the layout as the operation could other wise be quite tricky. For the front page of your invitation you will need to find a suitable image to use and manipulate it accordingly to fit the character of your bowling party. While some might like it to remain professional, others would prefer it to be something off the mark and wacky - the choice is yours. Remember to include your party name along with the front design.


Once your cover design is finished, you'll have to tend to the party details which will typically be placed on the inside of the card. Again, here you might need to add some additional decorations if there is too much space.


Once all the details have been added and you are satisfied with your design, print out a sample to see if it looks alright on paper. If it does, then go ahead and print out an invitation for each of the friends you wish to invite.

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Shell Invitation

For this invitation you will need a sea shell (preferably a large and shiny one) which can be bought from the appropriate stores in your area or from the Internet. In addition you will need a paper-based invitation to go along with the shell. Now while you cold buy an invitation and simply fill out the details, it might be a better idea to put some effort into this invitation and make them yourselves as the personal touch is often more appreciated. So to that end, we would recommend that you get yourself a piece of parchment, some paint and anything else that you think you might use to design your invitations.


The operation is then quite simply: Design the paper-based invitation, roll it up and slip it into the shell. For those who want to go the extra mile, why not take a small box (a bit larger than the shell), decorate it to resemble a treasure chest and fill it with sea sand and some items such as fake pearls, beads etc.? This will make for an exciting and very much personalized invitation.

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Beach Blanket

For those with a bit of a budget, the beach blanket invitation will prove to be the very thing to get your friends to come to the party. It will also prove to be quite useful to them too.


To start off, you will have to get your friends a beach blanket each. These can naturally be a normal beach blanket or ones with a funny design on it. Now in addition, you will need to get the details of someone who will either be able to print the details of your invitation on the beach blanket or embroider them on the beach blanket.


When your invitation details are finally on the blanket, simply get ready to deliver them and get going on the rest of the Beach Party organizations.

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Beach Party Dress Code

Board shorts, bikinis, sarongs, etc. – the choice is yours, but whatever you decide, be sure to mention it under the “Dress Code” section of your invitations.

Beach Party Decorations

As to beach party decorations, well… all you need is a beach really. But for those who don’t live close to the beach and plan to have the party indoors or in the back yard, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Fake Palm Trees

  • Sun loungers

  • Beach sounds CD playing in the background

  • Sea sand

  • Shells

  • Lemonade stands (where you can serve snacks, drinks, etc.)

  • Beach balls & other beach toys

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Beach Party Guest Arrival & Announcement

If you really want to impress the guests, brush up on your beach slang vocabulary. Here are a couple of words you can use to introduce your guests:


Boss: Someone who’s outstanding; the best.

Bro / Bra: Short for “brother”.

Bunny / Beach Bunny: A girl who goes to the beach to watch the surfing.

Cowabunga!: An exclamation of excitement.

Doggers: Multicolored swimwear.

Dude: A guy.

Dudette: A girl.

Hodad: A non-surfer that hangs around on the beach.

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Beach Party Favors

Thank your guests for coming with some cool party favors. Here are a couple of out ideas, all of which you can buy from your local retailer or from the internet.


  • Beach towels

  • Flip-flops, Jandals, Pluggers

  • Rescue cans

  • Sun shades

  • Beach balls

  • Frisbees


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Beach Party Activities

Beach Volleyball

No beach party would be complete without a classic game of Beach volleyball. Whether you are on the beach or having your party at home in the city (or town away from the beach), you will need to get your hands on a beach volleyball set which includes the net and the ball. The are available from your local sports retailer or, failing that, from the internet.


When you have all the items, simply anchor the net into the ground, divide into two teams and get started with some fun beach volleyball!

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Beach King/Queen

For this activity you will need a ball with which you can hit your friends with. As such, it will have to be a soft ball - we'd recommend nothing harder than a fluffy tennis ball (and don’t aim for body parts that can hurt – just as precaution).


To start off, one person will have to be selected as the "IT”. This person then has to hit everyone else with the ball by throwing it at them. Once someone is hit, he or she has to be on “IT”'s team and they have to work together to hit all the remaining players. The last person to be hit becomes the Beach King or Beach Queen.


There are however a few rules:

Only the IT person is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his or her body and pick up the ball normally This also applies to members on “IT”'s team.

People not on “IT”'s team are only allow to come in contact with the ball by using their fists. Anything else and they are immediately on “IT”'s team.

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Beach Limbo

Yeah! Who wants to do some limbo dancing? This is a good icebreaker (as you can have the limbo stick at the party entrance) or just a fun activity that everyone will be able to enjoy. For this activity you will need three equal length sticks or poles. Make sure that they are at least 5 or six feet in length.


To start off you will have to affix pegs to exactly the same places on two of the sticks or poles. Once this is done, you will need to drive them firmly into the ground (though they must remain at the same height). Once that is done, you will have to lay the third stick or pole horizontally across by placing it on a peg on each of the sticks or poles.


Finally, all you will need to do is get some good music that you and your friends will like and get limbo dancing. The game starts with everyone dancing under the limbo stick. After all the guests have made once pass under the limbo stick, it has to move down one notch. The person who manages to go under the limbo stick while it is on the lowest wins the round.

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Beach Leap

For this activity you will need anything that will be able to serve as markers. The best thing to use would be beach towels, rolled as thin as they can and laid out (elongated) with a varying amount of distance between each of them (e.g. between towel one and two,- one foot, between towel three and four - half a foot , between towel five and six - 2 feet, etc).


Once the towels have been laid out, all the participants will have to run the gauntlet. This means that they will have to run over the towels, taking care to only have one foot between any two towels at any one time. Once everyone has had a go, it is time to double the distance between the towels. The winner of the activity is the person capable of running the entire stretch without touching a towel or using more than one foot between any two towels.

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Food & Drink

For an Around the World Party, you need Around the World food and drinks. Here are a couple of ideas for both:



  • Sushi

  • Noodles

  • Pasta

  • Pizza

  • Doner Kebabs

  • Boere Wors

  • Egg fried rice

  • Crepes


  • Teas from around the world

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails from around the world

  • Coffees from around the world



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