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It's that time of the year again to dress up and have a good time. And what better way to do it than to invite a couple of friends and have yourselves a mobster party? Below you'll find a number of tips to use which will help you organize the ultimate mobster party. But first, a little background information essential to your planning.


Most of us think of the Mafia when we hear the term "mobster", however it refers to a greater variety of individuals involved in organized crime. In fact, it refers to all types of organized crime, which includes bikers, outlawed cowboys and even terrorist organizations. This is evident in the etymology of the word "mobster", which comes from the Latin "mob" meaning large crowd as well as from the Aramaic "mobi", meaning large gathering. We will however be focusing on the 'Mafia' variety of organized crime as that is the most common association with the term 'mobster'.


Originally known as the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia is a Sicilian criminal society originating from the 19th century in Sicily, Italy. The Cosa Nostra consists of about a hundred Mafia groups which are called "coshe", but to whom we know as "families".


During the 1950's the Mafia were often regarded as heroes, protecting the weak and the poor due to the lack of care from state. This, however, is in sharp contrast to their portrayal in films, where they are often depicted as illicit dealers of drugs and having interests in other activities as well as waging inter-familial war. 

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Mobster Party Invitations

The first step to organizing any party is of course to make a list of the people who one would like to come and, when done, send them invitations. More often than not, however, the problem is coming up with a suitable idea for invitations. As such, we've put together a couple of ideas for you to use. Should you need any of the items or materials describe, simply buy them from the local appropriate retailer or from the internet. Whatever you do, be sure to include the following details:


  • Party Name: Think of an original and exciting name for your party in line with the theme. An example in this case would be “Steve's Mobster Blowout”.

  • Salutation

  • Date & Time

  • Venue/Location

  • Dress Code

  • Contact Details

  • Additional information…


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Mobster Design

The mobster design invitation is easy to make and one of the most cost effective. And all you will need is a computer connected to the internet as well as a printer. In addition, we’d recommend using a template as the layout might prove to be a problem.


Now to start off you will naturally need a suitable eye-catching design for the front of your invitation. These can either be downloaded from the internet or, if you have any skill with image editing programs, made yourself. Just note that if you are using images from the internet, you will require the necessary permissions to use them. Once you have a suitable front page image, include the name of your party so that your friends will know what it’s all about.


When the front of your invitation is completed, it’s time to do the reverse – this is where the details of your party will be.


And finally, all you will need to do is print it out. 

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Mobster Mouse Pad

As the name of this invitation implies, it’s simply a mouse pad with a mobster design on. Of course, you’ll have to make the design first, which should include your party’s invitation details. This can be done using programs like InDesign, The Gimp or even Photoshop, however we would advise that you get into contact with someone capable of printing on mouse pads (preferably the company or person that will be doing your printing) and asking them which program you should use.


Finally, when your design is finished, all you need to do is have them printed and get them delivered. 

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Mobster Food Hamper

We all know mobsters are passionate about their food – especially the Italians. As such, why supply each of your friends with a food hamper that contains some delicious foods. Think in terms of pastas, salamis and other savory meats. Perhaps even canned spaghetti and meatballs (of which you can remove the label and replace it with your own invitation). When you have the foods, simply arrange them neatly in a small wicker basket (tip: use some taffeta for decoration).


In addition to the food hamper, you will need a card with all the invitation details. This needn’t be elaborate – a simple business card style invitation will do.

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Mobster Party Dress Code

Homburg hats, pinstripe suits, shiny shoes, etc. are all you will need to fit in at a mobster party. As for the women, well, think of a 1920’s style evening dress or something just really chic. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong dressing up like the boys.

Mobster Party Decorations

Here are a couple of ideas for decorations you will be able to use for your mobster party. These can either be bought at an appropriate supplier in your area, or from the internet. 

  • Mobster posters

  • Checkered table cloths

  • Balloons (either black & white or red & white)

  • Streamers (same as above)

  • Godfather theme music and/or 1920’s – 1940’s club music

  • Italian flags 

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Mobster Party Guest Arrival & Announcement

Ask someone you know to dress up like a mobster (a towering male persona would do just the trick) and put on a mean face. He should then stand guard at the door and give your guests the eye as they arrive. Once inside the venue, greet your guests and introduce them to one another.

Mobster Party Favors

Party favors are those items you use to thank your guests for coming, but also to ensure that they remember your party for days, weeks, months and possibly years to come. Below you will find a couple of our ideas, all of which you will be able to find at the appropriate retailer in your area or on the internet. 

  • Posters

  • T-shirts

  • Mugs

  • Hats

  • Key rings

  • Mouse pads 

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Mobster Party Activities

Secret Shooter

The game is played by having an equal amount of scraps of paper as there are guests. Only one of the scraps must be marked with an 'X' and, along with all the other pieces of paper, be placed in a bag.


Now, sit in a circle and draw a scrap of paper each. The person with the paper marked ‘X’ is the secret shooter and has to eliminate all other players from the game by winking at them. As such, everyone has to look into everyone else’s eyes to see if the person they are looking at is the secret shooter.


If you think you know who it is, then exclaim “Shooter Spotted”. Now take care to be very sure as the people to your left and your right will automatically have to second your choice. If the person you suspect to be the secret shooter is indeed the shooter, they are out and a new shooter has to be chosen. If you are wrong, however, then all three of you are out.


Should you get winked at, then you are out for the remainder of that round and not allowed to reveal the identity of the secret shooter.

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Spot The Lies!

To play this game you will need something to write with as well as a piece of paper for each of your friends. Everyone then has to write three true facts about themselves and two untrue facts. When that’s done, all the papers should be collected and randomly distributed among the participants.


The object of the game is to guess which of the facts are true, and which are lies. This activity will make an ideal icebreaker. 

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Pass The Hat Variation

It’s a mobster and as such we’ll assume that there are plenty of hats around – of which you will be needing two.


When it's time for the activity, you and your friends will have to divide into two groups. Each group must form a circle and select one person who will start. This person then has to transfer the hat from their head to the head of the person to their left, without the use of their hands. If hands are used, that person is out. And if the hat falls, the person who has to pass the hat has to think of an original way to pick it up.


The group to win is the one that gets the hat back to the first person. 

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Mobster Movie Reenactment

Think you know your movies do you? If so, then this is the challenge for you.


Select one of your favorite mobster movies before the event and watch it with your friends. As soon as the movie is finished, each guest has to be cast as a character. That being done, it’s time to reenact the entire movie. Now of course it might sound easy now, but just wait until the acting starts. Just note that each person only gets one try at a line and, if he or she messes up, then it’s up to the next person to improvise to make the whole scene go smoothly.


For a great party favor, why not make a recording of your efforts?

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Food & Drink

This should probably the easiest part of your party organization as we all know what mobsters eat. Here are a couple of ideas for mobster party food and drink: 

  • Pasta

  • Pizza

  • Meatballs

  • Italian breads

  • Olives

  • Salami

  • Cheese

  • Sun dried tomatoes

  • Burgers


As for drinks, why not have a look on the internet for recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails?

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